Bestway Readymade portable family swimming pool 16Ft x 4Ft –

56725 Bestway Portable Swimming Pool Swim Vista Series™ 16' x 48"

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  • Portable Swimming pool/ Readymade pools are easy within 20-minute setup Metal frame rods are corrosion resistant. Unique, realistic vinyl tile print provides an elegant decorative finish. Realistic Rattan Print offers mottled honey warm tones to your backyard. Both sturdy and durable avoid fraying and decay. The swimming pool has a Built-in flow control drain valve that connects to the garden hose (with included adapter) to easily drain away water.
  • The round shape design provides for easy installation, enhanced stability, and less wasted space as the pool doesn’t require lateral support. Portable Swimming Pool equipped with Seal & Lock System™ for a safe and secure pipe connection
  • Experience an underwater experience like never before. Four built-in see-through windows providing an interactive water adventure
  • ChemConnect™'s chemical dispenser provides clean and healthy pool water. Built-in dispenser design maintains proper chemical balance by automatically releasing the necessary amount of chlorine.
  • Flow control connectors for rapid connection
  • The sturdy pool sidewalls are constructed with Tritech™, a 3-layer reinforced material with a polyester mesh core and two layers of high gauge PVC for superior strength and durability
  • Water Capacity (90%): 19,480 L (5,145 gal.)
  • Underwater adhesive repair patch
  • The swimming pool is equipped with fittings for compatibility with Flowclear™ filter pumps