Bestway Portable toilet tent changing room camping outdoor –

Bestway Portable toilet tent changing room camping outdoor

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Portbale toilet cum clothes changing room staion port in india ideal for kids and adult provides privacy
At Bestway®, we have all the cool “toys” you need to make outdoor adventures more fun, more memorable and most importantly, more comfortable. Our Pavillo™ line offers a wide array of products for whatever type of adventure you seek. Whether it is a relaxing day at the beach or a rugged weekend in the woods, the Pavillo line has the products you need to make it a Bestway® type of journey. The Station Port is perfect for a day at the beach, swimming, surfing or stand up paddle boarding. As a change room, it offers privacy for changing out of your wet suit or swim suit into dry clothes. The side windows are removable for extra ventilation and there is even a removable floor drain. The Station Port is the perfect accessory for an adventure at the lake or beach!