Bestway Above Ground Oval Portabale Swimming Pool 4.88mx3.05mx1.07m –

Bestway (56448) Above Ground Portable Swimming Pool For Family 16.01ft x 10ft x 3.51ft/ 4.88m x 3.05m x 1.07m For Kids And Adults

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Power Steel Oval Pool Set,16.01ft x 10ft x 3.51ft
4.88m x 3.05m x 1.07m
water capacity (90%)10,949L(2,893gal.)
* Easy set up
* Heavy-duty PVC and polyester 3-ply side walls
* Built-in flow control drain valve makes it easy to drain by attaching the valve to a garden hose (with included adapter) to drain away water
* Underwater adhesive repair patch
* The extra strong side walls of this pool are constructed with Tritech™, a 3 layer reinforced material with a polyester mesh core encased between two layers of high gauge PVC material. This creates a total thickness of 0.40-0.80mm (16-32 gauge) depending on the size of the pool, offering superior strength and durability
* Corrosion resistant metal frames
* 3-ply band provides additional wall support
* Pool equipped with Seal & Lock System™ for a safe and secure pipe connection
* Printed mosaic inner liner on the sides and bottom of the pool
* The unique oval design and shape makes this pool more compact, so it requires less area for set up and less water to fill it up
* Anti-microbial filter cartridge extends lifespan and quality filtering. Prevents algae, mold and other microbial bacteria from growing in your pool
* ChemConnect™ Dispenser maintains and provides clean, healthy pool water. Dispenser release provides a stable level of chlorine needed for proper chemical balance