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58482 Bestway Aquatronix Rechargable Robotic pool Cleaner

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Cordless robot automatically cleans the bottom of the pool Patented directional jet system provides efficient cleaning - the robot will change direction when it encounters walls or obstacles Operates for 90 min on one charge Compatible with any flat bottom pool (above and in-ground) Contents: 1 Aquatronix™ pool cleaning robot, 1 retrieval kit

Your pool is for relaxing, not labor. Aquatronix™ is the autonomous pool cleaning robot doing the dirty work to keep your pool clean and pristine. This cordless robot has a full range of motion and is compatible with any flat bottom pool. Operation couldn’t be easier, the device is controlled with a single power switch. Built-in sensors allow Aquatronix to begin cleaning when submerged in water and power off when outside of water. This protects the motor and improves longevity. The locking clips make maintenance and cleaning a breeze - just pop open the compartment and remove debris from the stainless steel filter. The compartment can hold up to 4.5 L (1.2 gal.) of debris before emptying. The directional jet system sifts out debris and particles at a flow rate of 2,687 L (710 gal.) per hour. The adjustable wheel axle and removable bumpers allow for customization with any sized pool. Aquatronix will operate for a full 90 minutes when fully charged which takes about 5-6 hours. The Aquatronix includes a convenient carry handle, an LED light for night use and retrieval kit to avoid any cumbersome dives to the bottom of the pool.

Autonomous pool cleaning robot Cordless design for full range motion; eliminates tangled cords Automated cleaning at the toggle of the power switch Built-in rechargeable durable lithium battery Recharge time: 5-6 hours Cycle use time: 90 minutes Included drop retrieval kit Built-in water sensor activates the cleaner once it is fully submerged in water, and deactivates when water level is insufficient, to protect the motor Easy clean stainless steel filter screen traps up to 4.5 L of debris inside the base compartment Patented directional jet system ensures efficient cleaning as the robot will change direction when encoutering walls or obstacles Non-slip wheels Recommended for flat bottom pools - Round Pools: up to 7.32 m / 24' in diameter or 45 m² / 484 ft.² in total area - Rectangular pools: up to 9.56 m / 31'4'' in length or 43 m² / 463 ft.² in total area Components: - Carry Handle - On / Off LED light - Long lasting stainless steel filter mesh - Adjustable wheel axle - Locking clips - Head locking flap - Underside debris agitators - Optional bumpers Contents: One Aquatronix, retrieval kit