Bestway (53383) Portable Dodge & Drench Water Park Jumper And Slider/Pool For Kids

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  • H2OGO!® Dodge & Drench Kids Inflatable Water Park 2.68 m
  • Size: 4.50 m x 4.50 m x 2.68 m (14 ft. 9 in. x 14 ft. 9 in. x 8 ft. 9 in.) 220-240V blower inflates the water park in 2 minutes
  • Included fabric tube connects the blower to the PVC sprinkler ball - no additional pump required 4 balancing platforms for kids to stand on as they dodge the sprinkler ball
  • Double-stitched material for increased durability Platform
  • Weight Capacity: 54 kg (120 lbs)
  • Contents: 1 water park, 1 blower, 1 repair kit, 1 storage bag, 5 stakes, 2 PVC sprinkler balls

Made of a durable and colorful PVC coated polyester material Attached sprinkler ball swings and sprays water 4 balancing platforms for kids to stand on as they dodge the sprinkler ball Mesh sidewalls for safety Setup is quick and easy. The heavy duty blower inflates the water park in less than 2 minutes Additional fabric tube that connects to blower provides air to inflate the PVC sprinkler ball (no additional pump required) Full Color Box Designed for outdoor use Contents: 1 water park, 1 blower (stakes included), 1 repair kit (multiple assorted patches), 1 storage bag, 5 bouncer stakes, 2 PVC sprinkler balls

Endless hours of fun are waiting with the H2OGO!® Dodge & Drench Inflatable Water Park! The impressive size and fun game provides hours of fun - perfect for parties, barbeques and sunny summer days. Kids can challenge their friends to dip and dodge the flying sprinkler ball, which sprays water to soak kids as they play. Kids will love it, and parents will too. Setup is incredibly easy, with the included blower inflating the entire water park in under two minutes. Plus, no additional pump is required to inflate the sprinkler ball! An additional fabric tube is included to connect the blower to the ball, and it quickly and easily inflates. Connect a hose, and you’re good to go! How to Play: The Dodge & Drench game is fun and simple for kids to play!

  • 1. Choose a platform to stand on - one kid per platform
  • 2. Bump the sprinkler ball towards the other players
  • 3. Dodge the spray and stay balanced on top of your platform
  • 4. Last one standing wins!

Bestway® mega water parks allow parents to bring the party home and turn their lawn into a backyard bonanza! With built-in blowers and quick, two-minute inflation times, these products are the ultimate party starters. Kids can bounce, slide and play all day long with all the great features that Bestway mega water parks offer. From sprinklers to water blasters, hidden tunnels to basketball games, these water parks provide endless hours of splashing fun for families.